Monday, January 22, 2007

Tax refunds check list

This is a check list for my tax refunds this year. I am going to keep updating this list
One of references is this link Thanks to All Financial matters; I really love that blog!

I've bought Turbo Tax this year!

The list just makes me wonder that all tax refunds are for doing stupid things like gambling losses or if you make mistakes like penalty on early withdrawal of savings. Unfortunately you are not rewarded for doing good things like not being in debt or that your finances are in order. Well, thats how life is:)

  1. Telephone tax refund
  2. Education - Stock market course in UW: Will have to research more
    I think I can not claim this because it does not fit the criteria " Education expenses to the extent required by law or your employer or needed to maintain or improve your skills"
  3. Moving expenses
    I think I can not claim this because it is within a small distance from my old house
  4. Taking care of my parents (dependants) for around 45 days: Will have to research more
  5. ESPP plan. Here is the link

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