Thursday, March 8, 2007

Losing weight

I finished reading "Total body makeover" by Bob Greeene & I thought it was a great book. I used to be around 20 pounds over weight around 6 months back, but right now I am around 5 pounds over weight. Right now I am around 170 pounds, my ideal weight should be less than 165 pounds. I am aiming for 160 pounds by August 2007.
His steps for losing weight & becoming fit are simple but effective; no fancy diets but good old exercising!
  1. Drink lots of water
    I've been doing this since some time now
  2. Have a nice & healthy breakfast
    I have a breakfast every day
  3. Avoid alcohol
    I drink rarely so this shouldn't be a problem
  4. Do cardio 6 days a week (5 days for 30 mins & 1 day for 60 mins)
    Working out 6 days a week, week after week is not a simple task. But I hope to work out at least 4 days a week
  5. Do weight training for 3-4 days
    Should do weight training 4 days a week
  6. Avoid fatty, unhealthy food
    I tend to eat outside around twice a week but avoid places like McDonald's, so I should be okay. But I need to switch to brown rice

March 2007: My weight = 170 pounds

Friday, March 2, 2007

Portfolio - March update

My portfolio was looking pretty decent before the last week. But after this week's crash; its not looking that good. But thats fine; I'm glad I am not panicking at all. There will be periods of ups & downs in the market; its all a part of the game.
If the market is down the next week too; I might buy some stocks or ETFs since there are so many stocks at a discount.