Friday, January 19, 2007

The Great Indian dilemma

I am one of the thousands of Indians who have flocked to USA in search of better opportunities and better pay. I did my Masters here & now work in one of the best software companies in the world. Its been a joy ride so far. I was so used to getting my ready meals, clother ironed & not worrying about house cleaing in India that USA was a big shock. But I survived. I manged to attend classes in the morning, flip burgers in the afternoong, make dinner in the evening & study at night. USA taught me to be independent. I can safely say that I can survive anywhere in the world
But where does that leave me now? Will I stay in USA for ever? Don't I want to be with my parents & relatives in India? Is it worth to be away from my loved one's for ever?
Well, these are some tough questions...
I know that if I am talking about opportunites & money, India has it too now. Its a booming economy & there is a lot of money in India. But I am so used to living here, I think this is my home. But you never know where life takes you. For now I think this is my house but when ever I go to India for a vacation, I get a feeling that may be I should go back to India. This is compounded by the fact that I am not with any girl since the past 2 years so the 'lonely' factor adds up.

Where ever I live, the fact is that I love both - USA & India. Both have been nice to me & both have taught me different things. India has given me love & USA has made me tough. I know that irrespective of where I live I will be happy!

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golbguru said...

I totally understand you (but I won't explain why) :).

It's very hard for other people to imagine the confusion. My only suggestion is don't make up your mind just yet. Without a partner you are probably thinking for about only half of your life. When you get married, things will change, circumstances will change, and the answer will present itself.

On a similar note, a friend of mine went for a 3 month vacation to India last summer, and while coming back the immigration officer says to him "3 months is a long time to be with your parents".